Saturday, September 26, 2009

So 9 months goes by...

And now I feel the urge to write again. Most of you know what I've been up to but for those that are still waiting here goes.

Our special packaged arrived last spring. A little boy weighing in at 7lbs 6oz (the exact same as his sister). We chose Brian for his name and he is doing great. I decided that May 1st was my last day of work and was going to take some well needed "me time" before I became a mom of two. I was able to get a good week or so of nesting in and was drug back into the office by some pretentious old hag that insisted on speaking to me (that's a different post). So Mother's Day rolled around and I was having hard core false labor and thought for sure baby was coming. Fast forward 2 days and the contractions started right as "24" was starting. Since I wanted to get the show in, I started timing and praying they would get us through the show. As soon as the show ended, I looked at Chris and said "They're coming every 4 minutes and time to make some phone calls".

After that everything went pretty textbook. I was having a VBAC so the hospital and my doctor were not going to let me have a marathon labor like I did with Katie. After 15 hours 45 minutes I pushed my son into this world and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I would do it 18 more times just to relive that moment. But mainly so I could beat out the Duggars in having the most children.

Now I have two healthy kids and really that's all we've been up to. No vacations or big events. I think giving birth trumps all of that. I have decided that I'm going to take better care of myself and that me and my family come first. I've always taken care of my family and felt this way, but for the first time I'm actually including myself.

I can't belive fall is here and this year is going by so quickly. I hope to keep this up, but no promises. Oh and GO CARDS!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I had my ultrasound. Needless to say, I'm quite relieved. The baby is great and progressing right on schedule. We did not find out what we are having. That's right! We are crazy and do not know the gender of our little one. But that's okay with us. I like surprises. The only down side is picking a name. It's hard enough choosing one, but to have to have two nailed down is tough.

We didn't find out what Katie was until she was born. For some reason we had her name picked and ready to go without any problems. I should have known it was a girl based on this alone. But I digress. Chris and I were still debating the boy name as we drove to the hospital. I remember thinking while I was on the OR table "Please let it be a girl because we don't have a boy name". I realize that it's OK to go a day or two without a name, but I'm anal like that. We have to have a name!

So this parenting decision is one that I'm dreading. Mainly, because I don't have my heart set on something by now. Last time I knew it had to be a family name and I don't think Chris was going to win that battle. Now, I just want something that will be appropriate as a child and as an adult. Oh and it can't go with "Now appearing on the main stage...".

I know we'll come up with one, it's just a daunting task. Like re-organizing the closets. It doesn't take that long, but it just seems overwhelming. So we're open to suggestions?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Recap

I know it's been a very long time and I was reminded over the weekend to get back to writing. I've been home with Katie since Halloween and honestly thought I would have more time to blog. Wrong! Solely taking care of a toddler is a full time job. And being pregnant at the same time really wears a girl out. So this left me with zero time to blog. But now that I'm going back to work I should have a few minutes of down time starting Monday.

I thought I would try to recap 2008 the best that I could. My baby brain is hindering my memories of five minutes ago, so this should be interesting. So here's my list of good and bad times of the year:

  • I FINALLY graduated from college. And not just an associates degree. A full fledged bachelor of accounting degree. (I realize this happened Dec. '07) but for the first January I could remember I didn't have to register for classes! And I started blogging.

  • 1ooth Best Ever St. Pats in Rolla,MO. This was the first time I had been to Rolla and the first weekend away from Katie. Chris and I had a great time even though it truly was not the Best St. Pat's ever. Rumor has it that enough alum bitched and they are moving the Gonzo games back outside. 9 more years...

  • Katie turned 1! Chris and I survived year 1 of parenting and so far year 2 hasn't been too bad. We have a healthy and beautiful little girl that amazes us everyday. I still can't believe I'm a Mom. We celebrated the milestone by having an Alice in Wonderland themed party with 60 of our closest family and friends (We have big families).

  • Took our first family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL in early May. We went with 4 other families and had an amazing time. Except that Katie had hand,foot and mouth virus. Luckily, we traveled with a pediatrician. Thanks Dr. Josh!

  • My brother got married in June in Florida. Which meant a return trip to the Gulf and Katie was in her first wedding.

  • Then I turned 30! We celebrated with a party at home and Chris mowed a 30 into our lawn. Now that's true love!

  • Sadly, we welcomed Evelyn Louise into this world on July 3, 2008 and then 29 days later said goodbye. Evelyn had Trisomy 18 and changed all of us by showing us how fragile and special life really is. She will never be forgotten.

  • Chris and I celebrated 3 blissful years of marriage by going out to dinner and getting a massage.

  • Then we rewarded our 3 years of marriage by getting pregnant. Number two will be here next spring.

  • Katie tackled her 2nd Halloween as a dinosaur and enjoyed trick or treating.

  • Then she moved on to Thanksgiving and Christmas like a pro. She received way too many presents and ate too much turkey, but she loved it!

  • And just yesterday, and today, I felt actual kicks from the Baby. I've felt the flutters and butterflies, but nothing like an actual kick. We're half way there and he/she will be here before we know it. And no we are not finding out!

That seems to be the highlights of the year. We have been fortunate to have health and prosperity in 2008 and pray that 2009 finds everyone healthy and happy.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!


It's your only job today. That and the one you are actually getting paid to do. Your employer must give you 3 hours to go vote. So don't take crap from your boss about being able to vote.

For some reason this morning it felt kinda like Christmas morning. So I was up early (it may have something to do with me peeing every 2 hours..thank you baby), but I was actually excited to vote. I don't think I've ever been this excited about democracy. My mom came over this morning with Bread Co. and stayed with Katie while I went. Chris waited for an hour this morning and I waited about 2 minutes. In and out. It was quick and painless. Now it's time to sit back and watch the election results roll in. I'm hoping it's not a late night.

If you don't have anything else to do today, PLEASE make it a priority to go vote. Even if you don't know, go vote anyway. JUST VOTE!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My apologies

Sorry it's been so long. I've had a lot on my mind lately and unfortunately, this has not been apart of it. For the last 10 weeks I've had zero motivation to do anything more than shower and feed the child. Even this has been difficult at times. Don't worry I'm not sick, depressed or just down right lazy. Though, I'm sure Chris has thought this a few times. In fact, I'm with child. That's right folks....I'm pregnant.

I'm hoping that within the next few weeks the lack of energy, nausea and fatigue will go away. This time with Katie I was feeling like my old self other than already gaining a few pounds and the clothes tightening. This time I've gained 2 pounds and the clothes have not fit so well for a while. I'm too lazy to go hunt for my maternity clothes in the endless sea of Rubbermaid filling our basement. Maybe I'll do that this weekend.

Today is my last day of work for awhile. Our sitter is giving birth next week so I'm staying home with Katie until the end of the year. I'm pretty excited to spend some time with her, but realize this is not the best time of year to be couped up in the house. I'm not really sure what we're going to do, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. If not then Chris will.

Well, my nausea is back and I'm running out of energy to keep typing. I pray this goes away in the next few weeks. I was told the second child is more trouble than the first. So far this is the truth.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday!

Weekend wrap up and intro to the week...

1. Played Bunco Friday with the new neighbor. Had fun, met lots of new and friendly folks and realized that Bunco is another name for Girls Night. Then, like most in St. Louis, panicked and filled up with gas on the way home. Yeah, gas went up like 5 cents in my neck of the woods.

2. Saturday was spent with cinnamon rolls, apple picking and hibachi! Chris spent the morning with us instead of his office. He needed a break from working weekends every Saturday for like eternity. As he mowed the grass, Katie kept asking for daddy and we then made cinnamon rolls.

Afterwards, we headed to Eckert's for a birthday party and apple picking. Despite the heat and humidity, we had a great time. Katie got to feed goats, try to pet baby deer, played on old tractors and I prayed that none of the animals would chew her tiny little fingers off. Luckily the animals were good. My friend was able to get Schnucks to make an apple cake, in the shape of an actual apple. Pretty cool!

3.Saturday evening I went to dinner with the S'n'S girls to celebrate my sister's birthday. We went to Ariake out here in St. Peters and it was yummy as always. I've had the same hibachi chef the last few times and he was still hilarious. Now that I know most of his jokes I can toy with him. Good times!

4. Sunday was spent relaxing. We visited friends who recently finished a basement and went on a mission trip. It was nice to see them, however, I was feeling like crap and not into being social. Katie was tired and cranky as well. So we headed home to nap and Chris went grocery shopping. God bless him!

5. My BFF, Stephanie and her husband, Shawn came over for a bit. Of course they brought their 3 month old Ryan with them. He's so stinkin' cute and Katie just loves him. Oh she's going to be a great big sister some day. One day, many moons from now, she will have a sibling.

And now on to Monday...

6. I feel crap-tastic. Translation, it's cold and icky outside and that's how I feel. My ears are clogged, my throat hurts and the nose is beginning to run. In a day or two I should have a full on cold. When the weather changes this much, my system gets all out of whack.

And thanks to Hurricane Ike, we have a leaky roof and I'm listening to way too many complaints on water in people's basements. Remember, I'm an insurance agent so bad weather = lots o' work on Monday. It hasn't been too bad and I have yet to hear of any one's roofs being blown off, just water.

FYI...if water accumulates in the basement and it's NOT from a sewer backing up, but just from water coming in because of TOO MUCH RAIN, then it's considered a FLOOD! Therefore, if it's deemed a flood, one must have flood insurance and chances are it's not MSD's fault. Sh@# happens people! And St. Louis is not designed to handle hurricane like rain.

**Disclaimer: the last part was a brief description and should not be considered actual guidance of coverage to a specific policy. I'm always happy to answer questions, but one should consult their own policy for specifics to their own situation. Therefore, you should hold me liable.

Tonight I shall go home, play with Katie and then pass out. Hopefully, I'll feel better in a few days and the rest of the week will be good. Have a good one!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blissfully Ignorant- Me venting

Anyone who has talked to me within the last 18 hours knows what kind of mood I'm in. So to those of you who don't, be lucky. I'm sure what I'm about to post is going to piss someone off, but I just have to get it out. It's cheaper than therapy! I do apologize if none of this makes sense. Leave a comment with your e-mail and I'll explain.

I know people go through life without a clue. They are clueless about how anything really works or happens and these people don't seem to care that their lack of attention is annoying and hurtful. I'm convinced by the time you reach adulthood there are a few things one should know in life, regardless of past experiences or how you were raised. Manners and basic etiquette should be one of them. Learning how to e-mail is another. Knowing how to save, budget and plan is a biggy. For instances asking people to chip in on presents for yourself = RUDE. Yet these people don't know that this is rude. They see this as perfectly acceptable behavior. However, I believe this to be selfishness at it's best.

The other part that gets me about these people is that certain others defend their actions because they simply don't know better. That's how their families taught them to live life. I'm sorry, but that's just an excuse. You can't tell me that in the 20+ years these people have been on this planet they haven't picked up on what's considered socially acceptable, polite and considerate of others. All they know is self-centerdness and an apparent lack of generosity. This is what is wrong with people. The entitlement that they "deserve" anything and everything and that the rest of the world is just handed to them. Whatever happened to working hard, giving back and doing things for yourself?

I suppose us nice girls will finish last. The ones that take responsibility for their actions. The ones who carefully plan things out so not to waste. The ones that realize that people go out of their way to make things happen for them and then appreciate the other's thoughtfullness. We are the ones that must deal with blissful ignorance. Personally, I've had it!