Friday, September 12, 2008

Blissfully Ignorant- Me venting

Anyone who has talked to me within the last 18 hours knows what kind of mood I'm in. So to those of you who don't, be lucky. I'm sure what I'm about to post is going to piss someone off, but I just have to get it out. It's cheaper than therapy! I do apologize if none of this makes sense. Leave a comment with your e-mail and I'll explain.

I know people go through life without a clue. They are clueless about how anything really works or happens and these people don't seem to care that their lack of attention is annoying and hurtful. I'm convinced by the time you reach adulthood there are a few things one should know in life, regardless of past experiences or how you were raised. Manners and basic etiquette should be one of them. Learning how to e-mail is another. Knowing how to save, budget and plan is a biggy. For instances asking people to chip in on presents for yourself = RUDE. Yet these people don't know that this is rude. They see this as perfectly acceptable behavior. However, I believe this to be selfishness at it's best.

The other part that gets me about these people is that certain others defend their actions because they simply don't know better. That's how their families taught them to live life. I'm sorry, but that's just an excuse. You can't tell me that in the 20+ years these people have been on this planet they haven't picked up on what's considered socially acceptable, polite and considerate of others. All they know is self-centerdness and an apparent lack of generosity. This is what is wrong with people. The entitlement that they "deserve" anything and everything and that the rest of the world is just handed to them. Whatever happened to working hard, giving back and doing things for yourself?

I suppose us nice girls will finish last. The ones that take responsibility for their actions. The ones who carefully plan things out so not to waste. The ones that realize that people go out of their way to make things happen for them and then appreciate the other's thoughtfullness. We are the ones that must deal with blissful ignorance. Personally, I've had it!