Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Monday!

Weekend wrap up and intro to the week...

1. Played Bunco Friday with the new neighbor. Had fun, met lots of new and friendly folks and realized that Bunco is another name for Girls Night. Then, like most in St. Louis, panicked and filled up with gas on the way home. Yeah, gas went up like 5 cents in my neck of the woods.

2. Saturday was spent with cinnamon rolls, apple picking and hibachi! Chris spent the morning with us instead of his office. He needed a break from working weekends every Saturday for like eternity. As he mowed the grass, Katie kept asking for daddy and we then made cinnamon rolls.

Afterwards, we headed to Eckert's for a birthday party and apple picking. Despite the heat and humidity, we had a great time. Katie got to feed goats, try to pet baby deer, played on old tractors and I prayed that none of the animals would chew her tiny little fingers off. Luckily the animals were good. My friend was able to get Schnucks to make an apple cake, in the shape of an actual apple. Pretty cool!

3.Saturday evening I went to dinner with the S'n'S girls to celebrate my sister's birthday. We went to Ariake out here in St. Peters and it was yummy as always. I've had the same hibachi chef the last few times and he was still hilarious. Now that I know most of his jokes I can toy with him. Good times!

4. Sunday was spent relaxing. We visited friends who recently finished a basement and went on a mission trip. It was nice to see them, however, I was feeling like crap and not into being social. Katie was tired and cranky as well. So we headed home to nap and Chris went grocery shopping. God bless him!

5. My BFF, Stephanie and her husband, Shawn came over for a bit. Of course they brought their 3 month old Ryan with them. He's so stinkin' cute and Katie just loves him. Oh she's going to be a great big sister some day. One day, many moons from now, she will have a sibling.

And now on to Monday...

6. I feel crap-tastic. Translation, it's cold and icky outside and that's how I feel. My ears are clogged, my throat hurts and the nose is beginning to run. In a day or two I should have a full on cold. When the weather changes this much, my system gets all out of whack.

And thanks to Hurricane Ike, we have a leaky roof and I'm listening to way too many complaints on water in people's basements. Remember, I'm an insurance agent so bad weather = lots o' work on Monday. It hasn't been too bad and I have yet to hear of any one's roofs being blown off, just water.

FYI...if water accumulates in the basement and it's NOT from a sewer backing up, but just from water coming in because of TOO MUCH RAIN, then it's considered a FLOOD! Therefore, if it's deemed a flood, one must have flood insurance and chances are it's not MSD's fault. Sh@# happens people! And St. Louis is not designed to handle hurricane like rain.

**Disclaimer: the last part was a brief description and should not be considered actual guidance of coverage to a specific policy. I'm always happy to answer questions, but one should consult their own policy for specifics to their own situation. Therefore, you should hold me liable.

Tonight I shall go home, play with Katie and then pass out. Hopefully, I'll feel better in a few days and the rest of the week will be good. Have a good one!


Kim said...

I miss bunko. :(

Hope you're feeling better soon!

PS - thanks for the insurance disclaimer. :)

Anonymous said...

This blog needs to be updated.
C'mon, don't leave us hanging.