Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Recap

I know it's been a very long time and I was reminded over the weekend to get back to writing. I've been home with Katie since Halloween and honestly thought I would have more time to blog. Wrong! Solely taking care of a toddler is a full time job. And being pregnant at the same time really wears a girl out. So this left me with zero time to blog. But now that I'm going back to work I should have a few minutes of down time starting Monday.

I thought I would try to recap 2008 the best that I could. My baby brain is hindering my memories of five minutes ago, so this should be interesting. So here's my list of good and bad times of the year:

  • I FINALLY graduated from college. And not just an associates degree. A full fledged bachelor of accounting degree. (I realize this happened Dec. '07) but for the first January I could remember I didn't have to register for classes! And I started blogging.

  • 1ooth Best Ever St. Pats in Rolla,MO. This was the first time I had been to Rolla and the first weekend away from Katie. Chris and I had a great time even though it truly was not the Best St. Pat's ever. Rumor has it that enough alum bitched and they are moving the Gonzo games back outside. 9 more years...

  • Katie turned 1! Chris and I survived year 1 of parenting and so far year 2 hasn't been too bad. We have a healthy and beautiful little girl that amazes us everyday. I still can't believe I'm a Mom. We celebrated the milestone by having an Alice in Wonderland themed party with 60 of our closest family and friends (We have big families).

  • Took our first family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL in early May. We went with 4 other families and had an amazing time. Except that Katie had hand,foot and mouth virus. Luckily, we traveled with a pediatrician. Thanks Dr. Josh!

  • My brother got married in June in Florida. Which meant a return trip to the Gulf and Katie was in her first wedding.

  • Then I turned 30! We celebrated with a party at home and Chris mowed a 30 into our lawn. Now that's true love!

  • Sadly, we welcomed Evelyn Louise into this world on July 3, 2008 and then 29 days later said goodbye. Evelyn had Trisomy 18 and changed all of us by showing us how fragile and special life really is. She will never be forgotten.

  • Chris and I celebrated 3 blissful years of marriage by going out to dinner and getting a massage.

  • Then we rewarded our 3 years of marriage by getting pregnant. Number two will be here next spring.

  • Katie tackled her 2nd Halloween as a dinosaur and enjoyed trick or treating.

  • Then she moved on to Thanksgiving and Christmas like a pro. She received way too many presents and ate too much turkey, but she loved it!

  • And just yesterday, and today, I felt actual kicks from the Baby. I've felt the flutters and butterflies, but nothing like an actual kick. We're half way there and he/she will be here before we know it. And no we are not finding out!

That seems to be the highlights of the year. We have been fortunate to have health and prosperity in 2008 and pray that 2009 finds everyone healthy and happy.



Kim said...

Well, hi there! Glad to see you're back, and doing okay!

Fly said...

I didn't mean to guilt you into blogging!
Either way, at least you know someone is reading it!